The Coca-Cola logo is recognized by 94% of the world's population, making it the most recognized brand in the world.
Steel Media has helped Coke reach out to the Hispanic market, the College market, and the Nascar Market. We have been running campaigns for Coke since 2006.



Create awareness about My Coke Rewards & drive traffic to the My Coke Rewards site. 


Hundreds of thousands of targeted SMS messages were delivered to self-described soda drinkers / Hispanic Adults, 25-49, Spanish dominant, in specific markets. 


Successfully over-delivered (by 20%) end of year messages to the most appropriate end consumers   based on select criteria.  With less than 200 opt outs out of 300,000 total texts, this campaign demonstrates why this form of mobile marketing has earned the reputation as the most direct and immediate way to reach the target audience.





"Steel Media is a leader in targeted marketing, be it mobile, web, or email.  Their team is always dreaming up the next way to reach the consumer.  If you are looking for a partner with a cutting edge team of marketing experts, I highly recommend Steel Media."

- Media Buyer, Coca-Cola